Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bike Rally Year Two

Yesterday was the first day of the Motorcycle Rally in our town. They have bikers from all over and a three day event. It gets rather loud around here but is exciting to see all the beautiful bikes. Here are some shots of the parade that goes through the center of town. It is so fun to see all the different rides. This year there were a few street party's with BBQ and cocktails. Today is the "Show and Shine" and after we get off work we may head over to the fair grounds to have some dinner and shoot some more pictures. Most of the bikers are camping out and I am sorry to say that the weather has turned rather cool and cloudy so I hope it doesn't dampen any one's spirits.
And now for the bad bird inches that were mailed for a lost in the mailing system somewhere. The hostess received the empty envelope only...Oh well stuff happens and then more stuff happens. I didn't put heavy packing tape on my little envelope because it was small and almost flat...there is a lesson there I guess. This is the third thing that has been lost in the system and I guess for the number of years I have been doing mail art it averages about one a year. ART ON........................DIANE


The Wrought Iron Gate said...

Each year our city is the destination for a biker rally, as well. It does get rather loud when they are all riding around at the same time, but some of the bikes are amazing. I'm amused by the number of doctors, lawyers, CEO's and others that have embraced this, rather expensive, past time.....but you know what they say about boys, and their toys.

Best Wishes,


Lee W - The Way I See It said...

the biker thing sounds fun, at least there's reason to get outside! It's done nothing but rain here all this month. Today it's poured straight down at times- such a drag.

Bummer about the inchies- I've been lucky so far...

roc said...

your town is adorable!! love love those mountains i see. no wonder you are so happy there. the weather has been crappy here as well. lots and lots of rain. it's rained almost every single day this june. we've had only two or three days without it. i hope your bike rally weather held out for you. sorry, too, about those darned inchies. it makes me sad.

kecia said...

hey - nice job on the steampunk necklaces! yeah, having to layer and glue with such small pieces can be a pain - get some sort of small metal clamp, that will help. love the dice!

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Oh, so sorry to hear about your bird inchies. I got an envelope last week that was totally soggy and stained and completely open on one end. Somehow, everything stayed inside and I got what I was supposed to. I overpack my stuff - put everything in cellophane envelopes, tape the mailing envelope shut, and pay for tracking when possible. I know even with this it is bound to happen sometime, that my stuff won't get where it's supposed to.

The biker rally sounds fun! I used to live in SD, about 3 hours from the big infamous Sturgis event. It made for some interesting antics in parks and restaurants where I worked but always exciting!