Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Well here is the surprise I have been telling you about. My latest creations. Steampunk style pendents. Altered art in the jewelry world. My chains were really fun to make from vintage necklaces and religious beads and dice. All my chains are long 28 inches. A friend gave me a box of watch parts to use and I have been collecting the vintage jewelry for a long time. I had a hard time cutting them up at first but it got easier. I still have a super long chain with crystal beads that I wanted to use but just couldn't bring myself to cut up...it is so pretty.
Gluing the pieces was probably the hardest. I finally bought some epoxy on Etsy, the kind that you mix two tubes together. Messy stuff to say the least. Then there is the fact that it will harden and you have to mix just the amount that you need at the time. You always mix more than you need so you can't help wasting some. I also bought Sulphur of liver to blacken some of the brass and add a patina to some of the silver pieces. (very stinky stuff) It has been a fun few weeks, but....here comes the BIG but, I am not getting many hits on Etsy. I uploaded to my flickr and here today but still not much going on. I am sure the down turn of the economy has had a lot to do with the art world too. I researched prices and set mine lower than everything I saw that was similar so I know my prices are right in there. Some of the stuff was getting a lot of hits so maybe they are paying to showcase their item. I am fairly new to selling so I guess it will take awhile to figure it all out. Meanwhile if you have any helpful hints you know I will appreciate them. Art on peeps......DIANE


roc said...

great work. i love that look of metal pendants/necklaces. i hope you get lots of buyers on your etsy.

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Oh Diane! These are wonderful! Wow, I am so impressed in your versatility with mediums - looks like you've been doing this forever.

My Etsy has been much, much slower lately. I have debated if it was because I had it closed while I was at my dad's and it takes awhile for it to get going again - that seemed to be the case during the first trip in February. I don't know. It is just slow. It seems like it takes awhile for people to find you and then they seem to wait awhile before purchasing and then all at once, you'll be selling like hotcakes. I haven't found the rhyme or reason. I was selling 3-5 pieces, even more sometimes, a week and I've sold one this week and one last week. So, hang in there. It may just take time. Keep flickring and blogging and that will help.

It was so good to hear form you tonight. My dad is okay. I'm off to see him in a few days and then I should be home and more consistent for awhile. Until then, it is always good to hear from you and always good to visit your lovely blog!


the wild raspberry said...

great jewelry....where does the term steampunk originate?
have a wonderful day...